Sunday, December 7, 2008

Comics With Class

I collected Marvel Comics in my teens...great to see they're finally getting their due in Hollywood, albeit with hit-and-miss results; thumbs up to Iron Man, down to both Hulks and that soulfire-less Ghost Rider (how DOES Nick Cage keep getting work? After Raising Arizona and Moonstruck, utterly ignorable. Sorry, being related to F.F. Coppola only carries so much juice).

If Class Comics were around in the 70s, I'm sure my mother wouldn't allow them in the house. XXX-rated with a supernatural/sci-fi stripe, these graphic novellas first made the scene in 1995. Canadian-owned and operated by artist Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser, Class Comics titles have penetrated the U.S. market, as well as France and Germany via European publishers Bruno Gmunder and H&O Editions.

Just starting to absorb the characters and storylines; got my first taste via a video on XTube. Loving the hyper-realism and take-offs on traditional heroes and their powers. Hide these books under the mattress unless you're over 21 and living in South Beach or WeHo. Issues, t-shirts, mugs, calendars on sale here, making your Yuletide gayer.
MB Pill 234x60

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