Monday, February 23, 2009


Two products that I rarely buy: gum (gives me a headache) and sausage (don't eat beef or pork). But some recent gum and sausage TV commercials have put a half-grin on my face.

CadburyAdams' Dentyne. Its new "Make Face Time" campaign, cleverly juxtaposing social Web media jargon with photographs of human interactions. Almost compensates for its use of icky Sorbitol and Sucralose ingredients instead of real sugar.

Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages from Sara Lee. Nonplussed heavenly bodies and weather elements talking amongst themselves about breakfast. Yes, that's the set-up. Method acting at its pinnacle, A++ to Central Casting and Wardrobe. Croissant sandwiches, 29 grams of fat...yikes!

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