Thursday, October 23, 2008

And for dessert, a Sonen shirt...

Last year I dated a Colombian/Lebanese waiter with the smoking-est ass on the West Side, made more so by the just-right-tight black slacks that were part of his work ensemble.

Well, the waiter has since checked out of my bed-life, but he did leave 2 absolutely magnificent shirts behind, from underpublicized Latin designer Jon Sonen. Stiff yet supple multi-ply 100% "algodon" (cotton), high-collared (j'adore collars, I have a long neck), 3-button "shotgun" cuffs on the sleeves. A chic interpretation of the classic cowboy camisa, complete with back-to-chest saddle-stitched yokes.

Here's a lil' sumptin-sumptin from this year's Fashion Week in Mexico:

Couldn't find any U.S. retailers on his website, but you CAN order online. Buenas suertes! Y gracias, Boris!
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