Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off the shelf? Out of stock? Amazon, baby.

Why do my most cherished bath and beauty products vanish from the supermarket and pharmacy shelves, never to reappear? WOODEN q-tips...not those cottony sticks that behave like wet noodles when you try to clean your ears (especially with a little alcohol on them), but sturdy wooden swabs...a few years back, completely evaporated from the retail landscape.

And St. Ives...remember that great blue mud mask they stocked ages ago? Gone. Fabulously scented chamomile shampoo? On the endangered species list. Alpha hydroxy facial cleanser? Extinct.

To find these rare artifacts of yore, you'll have to take a little web-surf up the Amazon.com. And thank heavens for them...found my beloved hydroxy scrub, plus dozens of gotta-haves for the medicine cabinet.

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