Monday, November 3, 2008

Capo di Gap-oh!

The Gap Knit Cap. Bought one of these eons ago, and it's still my utilitarean accessory of choice. One size fits all works for me, cuz my hu-normous head borders on Talosian. Perfect for sleeping on draughty nights. Keep it on as you roll out of bed, take out the trash and get a coffee. Even in the summer. Why wash your hair? Don the hat. Just showered? Go ahead, wear miraculously negates hat-head. Durable as hell. All this for $19.95. Please DON'T purchase that ubiquitous cadet cap...unless you're ambling down the road with your nose buried in Mao's Little Red Book.

Gap is my default clothing shop, even though the quality and variety's literally one block from my nothing-like-anything-on-MTV crib. Still has the best underpanties. HATE those big plastic cheap-looking buttons on all the coats, chinos and shirts. J'adore the reinvented Converse sneaker duplicate pairs in every color, they disintegrate fast on the sidewalks of Manny-Hanny.
Free Residential Ground Shipping on orders over $50 - expires 10.31.08

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