Monday, November 10, 2008

Where you be, Division E?

Bought a sooper-comfy (and flattering) long-sleeved lightweight pullover at The Starting Line in Chelsea a few years ago (akin to the purple-swirled, pictured).

Allow me to rhapsodize. Black with a micro-thin wale. The outline of an ornate Buddha with thangka-like clouds adorn the chest and back; Siddharta in taupe silkscreen, the thunderheads an alternating metallic silver-gold decal. The shirt is sewn together ingeniously with separate pieces recess-cuffed in the biceps, sleeves, neck, and waist, conveying an overall edgy, tailored look.

The antiqued-tattered label? Los Angeles' Division E. Their site's been under construction for awhile, and Starting Line no longer carries this great clothier. Available through a mess of online retailers, but can't find a physical storefront. Purportedly worn by "rock stars and celebrities." And lil ol' me.

Anybody out there know where I can find in NYC?
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